Flight control and Landing gear components

Jet Link International's FAA Repair Station allows the testing, repair, and overhaul of Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Fuel,   Elecrtro-mechanical, and Landing gear components and their related subassemblies. Our QA procedures mandate we use only FAA approved contractors for outside services. 

We have assisted in aircraft modification programs, working with FAA and local engineering firms on special projects to improve aircraft performance, safety,  and efficiency of aging aircraft.


Repair & Overhaul

We service components used on  Boeing, Airbus, military, business and regional fleet of Aircraft. Ask us about our repair management services, overhauls, functional testing, modifications and stock exchanges for your next aircraft maintenance requirement.


Customer Service

We support our customers by tracking repair orders during every phase of the repair process. Each component which arrives at our repair station is monitored to inform the customer of Cost, condition, and turn-time. 


Special Equipment and Services

Hydraulic Testing: Skydrol Fluid 1.5-30 GPM hydraulic test stands and a 1-5gpm Red Oil (5606) with Calibrated Flow and Pressure indicators.

Aircraft Electrical AC 400 Hertz power: 1-30 amp single phase and 3 phase Generators / Power supplies.

0-36 Volts DC power generation: 1.5- 100 amps.

Pneumatics: 145 PPM Airflow with flowmeter and pressure indicators.

Tooling, Fabrication / Welding / Plating / NDT / Specialized coatings

High flow media blasting, Corrosion treatments, Acid etching, Aircraft paint and finishes applications.

* Surplus tooling for sale